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At Aromas Medspa, we pride ourselves in providing a safe and relaxing environment. We offer medical aesthetic treatments and facilities designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you take advantage of our cutting-edge Medical Laser Equipment, laser hair removal technologies and professional staff. We specialize in many different non-invasive techniques to improve skin, body, and your overall appearance. Our goal is to make you feel and look at your best. 

Aromas Medspa offers powerful new technologies and our laser equipments are the most advanced and painless in the market and when combined with our training and experience the results are amazing. We make sure our treatments are safe and the results meet your expectations. Our staff will take care of you as only professionals and trained experts can. Even with our high degree of skills and experience, we offer clinically effective & innovative technologies at competitive rates to fit most budgets.

If you are interested in laser hair removal, skin pigmentation, body treatments, skin rejuvenation, skin lesions removal, acne and scars, or any other aesthetic treatment, you are at the right place. Aromas Medical Spa has offices in Weston, Doral, Miami, and Kendall. Come and visit a place where the ultimate goal is to make you look as good as you feel inside. Our experienced and courteous professional staff will help you achieve the results you want. Since no two clients are the same, we will tailor individual packages that will give you the best results for your skin or body.

We offer gold standard laser technologies in the aesthetic and medical field plus the convenience of 3 locations: Doral, Kendall, and Weston, all these together makes us your best choice.

Thank you for choosing Aromas Medspa.

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Clinical Director
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UltraShape Body Contouring 

Destroy Fat Cells Permanently—Without Downtime!

Aromas MedSpa is proud to offer UltraShape®, a revolutionary, clinically proven procedure that uses non-invasive techniques to eliminate excess fat. UltraShape targets and destroys fat cells within the most commonly complained-about areas—the abdomen, thighs (“saddle bags”) and flanks (“love handles")—and reduces circumference by an average of 4 cm per patient. And with no bruising, swelling or downtime, you can get back to your life immediately following treatment!

UltraShape Uses Ultrasound Technology to Improve Your Shape. 

The UltraShape treatment is meant to help average to overweight men and women improve their body shape and contour. It works by sending focused ultrasound energy that selectively targets and obliterates fat cells. Most patients complete a three-treatment regimen to achieve maximum benefits and may feel a slight to moderate tingling or warming sensation during treatment. Usually, no discomfort is experienced at all.

UltraShape is Your No-Downtime Body Sculpting Solution 

The UltraShape treatment is non-invasive—this means no incisions, cannulas, injections or needles. There is also no anesthesia or sedation required. The procedure takes just 45 minutes to an hour. Because UltraShape targets only fat cells, the surrounding blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue are left unharmed, so there is downtime following treatment. As with all medical procedures, the results you experience may vary.

UltraShape delivers noticeable results in just two weeks from your first treatment, although three treatments every two weeks are recommended for optimum measurable results. And since fat cells are permanently destroyed and flushed out naturally by the body, no follow-up maintenance treatments are required.

UltraShape Targets Problem Areas That Diet and Exercise Can’t Reach.

UltraShape is ideal for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30. Once the contents of the broken-down fat cells are cleared from your body, the results are expected to last, especially if you exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Nearly 94% of patients surveyed reported that they were satisfied with their UltraShape results.

Let’s talk about how UltraShape can change the shape you’re in! Aromas MedSpa provides UltraShape treatments in our Doral location, but an appointment can be scheduled through any of our locations by calling 305.591.3005 (Doral), 305.752.0250 (Kendall) or 954.349.3001 (Weston).


How many treatments will I need?

We recommend three treatments spaced two weeks apart. Spacing treatments gives your body time to clear the fat cells from your system.

How long do the results last?

Because fat cells are destroyed, you will see a long-lasting effect without maintenance treatments later on. Of course, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the fat cells from coming back.

What makes UltraShape different from other treatments?

UltraShape treatments result in the immediate destruction of fat cells. Measurable results are seen as early as two weeks. UltraShape treatments are also very comfortable and not associated with post treatment soreness, lumps or bumps. 3D mapping of treatments ensures that energy is delivered uniformly, therefore minimizing contour irregularities—a common side effect of liposuction.

Is UltraShape right for me?

The UltraShape treatment has been designed to help average to moderately overweight men and women achieve an improved body shape and contour. UltraShape offers an effective non-surgical alternative to patients seeking a significant reduction of localized fat deposits without surgery. To optimize the results of the treatments, it is recommended that patients adopt a healthy lifestyle.